LED Solutions completes another impressive LED retro-fit of a neon sign. Neon signs are energy in-efficient and require regular, costly maintenance. With today’s high energy prices this presents a real problem to a company’s bottom line. When the Investors Group location in downtown Brampton, Ontario was tired of dealing with the high cost of powering […]

Your signage is of key importance in both publicizing your business and in supporting your brand. What does a badly, or only partially lit sign say about your corporation, business and brand? In retail and service we are coming into the most important sales period of the year. GET YOUR SIGNS WORKING!! LED solutions recently […]

As well as recently completing LED illuminated pillars for the new ‘Vivid’ lounge at the Scotiabank theatre, Toronto, LED solutions have now been awarded the contract for upgrading the specialist exterior lighting at this location. A Toronto landmark, the iconic ‘cube’ and ‘swoosh’ features will be enhanced and retrofitted to LED – Not just another […]