Located in the heart of the city of Mississauga on Cawthra Road between Bloor Street and Dundas Street, Mississauga Temple offers worship services and programs for the whole family, a fully licenced Day Care Centre and an extensive ministry to the needy and disadvantaged in the community. (more…)

Royal Botanical Gardens, a national historic site, is the largest botanical garden in Canada, and a registered charitable organization with an aim to bring people closer to nature and plants. With expertise in conservation, horticulture and science and education, Royal Botanical Gardens is trying to inspire and nurture society’s commitment to nature. (more…)

LED Solutions is a signage and lighting vendor to some of Canada’s largest commercial property management and real estate holding companies including Ontario based Choice Properties REIT.

Large scale commercial clients like Choice Properties REIT find comfort in LED Solutions 15+ years experience, our 10-million liability insurance and Contractor Check certification. (more…)

Mastermind Toys is the largest specialty toy and children’s book retailer providing over 10,000 of the best toys, games and books. All are hand-selected by their staff among the very best brands around the world. In addition to a knowledgeable and friendly staff, the store features a safe, fun and inviting shopping environment that can bring a smile to the faces of children and adults alike. (more…)

The new 5West Brewpub and Kitchen is the crafty new name for the Purple Heather Pub. A great destination spot for 5West signature craft beers, wines and spirits blended with an exceptional menu, service over and beyond the norm and a great entertainment lineup. Bringing to North Burlington a tested craft-inspired menu that combines their guests favourite items from the past with new items that are fresh and locally produced using craft beer in the recipes and cooking process. All features will be paired with a suitable craft beer that makes the dining experience even better. (more…)

Cineplex Inc. is Canada’s dominant exhibitor with a 78% market share but the company is continuing to diversify to lessen its dependence on the Hollywood studios.

Its latest initiative is the Rec Room, a vast entertainment facility which encompasses restaurants, a sports bar, gaming, live acts, a bowling alley, pool, air hockey, table tennis and axe-throwing.

The prototype opened in the South Edmonton Common mall in Edmonton, Alberta last September, four more locations are being built and the plan is to expand to 10-15 centers, each occupying 40,000-60,000 square feet, in the next four to five years. In addition, the company is looking to create a smaller box version for mid-sized markets, with 10-15 across the country, which will have a different brand yet to be revealed. (more…)

When the outdated and burned out signs at an Investors Group location in Barrie, Ontario​ needed replacing they called LED Solutions, Canada’s national LED signage specialists.

LED Solutions worked within Investors Group‘s budget and time frame and refreshed 3 out-of-date, power hungry neon signs by replacing them with all new channel letters signs with super bright. high efficiency LED modules.

The LED modules that come standard in every LED Solution sign project are top of the line, commercial grade and are guaranteed maintenance free for 5 years.

Check out some of the before and after pictures…



Stop paying more than you need to for electricity and stop paying for costly, regular servicing of power hungry outdated sign lighting by going LED today. Contact LED Solutions – On time and on budget. Our value equation works. 

Holcim is one of the world’s leading suppliers of cement and aggregates. We had an opportunity to work with them on a test project for their newly developed Pervious Concrete near lake shore Mississauga. We built the sign – pictured above with the then Mayor Hazel McCallion – which contains a demonstration of the concrete and how it allows water to run through it. With just a press of the button, you can see how pervious concrete allows water to percolate through itself and to the soil. The sign explains well how Pervious concrete works:

This pervious parking lot and walkway built by Holcim provides an innovative, sustainable solution to the stormwater problem. The rush of stormwater after heavy rains poses an environmental challenge in urban areas blanketed by hard surfaces.

As stormwater runs over roofs, roads and parking lots water picks up impurities that find their way into storm sewers, local  creeks  rivers and wetlands. Pervious concrete puts rainwater back in the ground where it belongs and also reduces the need for retention ponds, swales, and other stormwater management devices.

Pervious concrete is significantly more porous than traditional concrete. It contains less sand and more air, allowing water to percolate through and into the soil where it is naturally filtered helping to replenish the ground water supply.

Rita’s Ice is a popular frozen custard and Italian ice dessert shop that has established quite a following in the United States and is now gaining in popularity in Canada.

Marc O’Brien, the proud owner and the heart behind the cold treats recently opened a new store in Ontario.  LED Solutions has worked with Marc to develop a brand that incorporates as much of Canada’s culture and identity into the store’s branding and aesthetics. (more…)