Light up building signs with LEDs

The Hamilton Spectator signage — retrofitted to LED. (Photo: LED Solutions)

Commercial and institutional building owners with outdoor signage can be assured of reduced energy costs by replacing or retrofitting their broken and inefficient neon signs with light-emitting diode lamps (LEDs). LEDs are solid-state devices that convert electric energy directly into. (more…)

LED Solutions has been working with CINEPLEX for 12 years.

For CINEPLEX we do design, fabrication, build new locations, new VIP, LED Lighting, Custom Fabrication, Custom Installs, LED Special Projects, Service and Repair and LED retrofits – CINEPLEX really challenges us and we love a good challenge!!!!!

Check out the New CINEPLEX South Edmonton – “The Rec Room”

LED Solutions was awarded the interior signage project composed of manufacturing and installing some 30+ signs – some 15’ tall!!

“The Rec Room” is a new and exciting concept for CINEPLEX….

Take you family out for a movie and enjoy our work!

Cineplex Sothn Edmonton Common Exterior















24 Jan

LED Solutions completes another Big build for CAA, New retail location in Brampton. We made channel letters awnings and world map. We are a full service sign company. We manufacture and install.

Check out the pictures of their Brampton office that opens on January 23rd. LED Solutions is proud to have built these signs on time and on budget! We congratulate CAA Brampton on their new location!

If your business needs new signs or looking to re-brand, look no further, give us a call and we would be happy to provide you with a no obligation assessment!

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One of our old client referred Artzzy to us for new signs for their store located in a busy Woodbridge market. 

We helped design the signage start to finish giving them different options for their large scale signage – a must when you have to stand out in a crowded market. Our technicians paint the bulkhead in the color they wanted – quickly and professionally. We took care of all the permits so Artzzy can focus on what they do best – Photos, Wall Art and Photo Books!

If your business needs professional signage to build or enhance your company image and brand, give us call and lets us show you what we can do for you!






When Investors Group ( in Richmond, BC wanted to update their corporate logo and refresh their aging, power hungry signage they called LED Solutions, Canada’s national signage and lighting specialists. 
The long, steel faced signs contained fluorescent tube lighting and this inefficient form of lighting technology added considerably to the locations electricity bill. 
The challenge with metal faced signage is the inability for light to pass through and the new signage had to be metal as well in order to keep with the rest of the buildings look. 
LED Solutions design team worked with the client to come up with a solution that over came this challenge as well as one that satisfied the building owner and Investors Group’s  exacting brand and logo standards.
A specialized type of perforated acrylic was used on the lettering so that in the day the letters would appear black, as per their corporate logo standards, but at night the lettering would be illuminated creating a very unique and highly visible effect.
The result speaks for itself. Check out the pictures of the project including the before, during and after shots.
Another project completed on time and on budget by LED Solutions – your national sign and lighting partner. 
Contact LED Solutions today to find out how we can help you save money and make your brand look great.

LED Solutions is pleased to have won the CAA rebranding RFP against tough competition. Here are the some of the reasons we WON!

  • 20 years’ experience managing national accounts with a track record of success
  • We are a full service company – “Design, Build, Install”
  • Project management using proprietary cloud based software for real time tracking and efficient delivery
  • Solid business practices
  • Industry leading pricing

Check out a snapshot of the projects in the process – we deliver ON TIME, ON BUDGET!

CAA is leading organization offering umber of products and services ranging from Roadside Assistance, Home and Auto Insurance, Travel Services and Travel Insurance as well to savings at hundreds of shops and attractions across North America. Check out their website at

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Location : Etobicoke

Location: Etobicoke

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Location: Brantford

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Location: Newmarket

Location : Barrie

Location: Barrie

When a Hamilton, Ontario business was tired of rising energy costs and dealing with the constant, costly maintenance of their fluorescent and halogen lighting they called LED Solutions, Canada’s LED Retro-Fit specialists.

The Donut Stop, a local fixture in East Hamilton since 1983, is open 24 hours a day. That means most of the lighting is also on 24 hours a day and with over 100 fluorescent and incandescent light bulbs the electricity costs were really biting into the bottom line.

LED Solutions Lighting Division performed an on site audit of the businesses lighting fixtures and requirements. We analyzed their electricity consumption and then replaced every last power hungry fluorescent and halogen bulb with high efficiency, commercial grade LED lighting, including the bulbs inside the exterior sign boxes.

The effects of switching to LED were immediate and the ownership saw savings on their very next bill and they now enjoy peace of mind with LED Solutions 5 year maintenance free lighting guarantee.

As an added service for our clients LED Solutions secured The Donut Stop a substantial rebate through the Save ON Energy program and that coupled with the cost savings will see this entire project pay for itself in just 1.2 years.

5 Year Cost-Benefit Analysis

Energy & Maintenance Savings – $27,000+

Return on Investment (over 5 years) – 417%

Maintenance Free Guarantee – 5 Years

Government Rebates – Over 20% of project cost

Stop paying too much for lighting electricity and maintenance and contact LED Solutions today to find out how we can save you money, make your business look great, become more green and increase the bottom line.

“It was my pleasure to deal with LED solutions. My lighting at The Donut Stop is now 100% LED. We’re already noticing substantial drop in our KW consumption. For example, this summer of 2016 was record hot compared to the mild summer of 2015; yet our consumption was 16 % less than last year when it should have been more” – Jimmy D, Owner, The Donut Stop.

Check out The Donut Stop Facebook Page for exciting updates and news!


Check out the pictures from Staples Animal Hospital in London, Ontario. We designed, build and installed their signs in a timely fashion.

Original non-illuminated pylon sign was replaced with a new fully LED illuminated pylon with eye catching digital graphics. We also provided them with a fascia signage to go with his bulkhead, design for which they chose from different options we provided them with. 

Nothing is quite as satisfying as a super happy and satisfied customer. LED Solutions’ team takes pride in our unique ability to incorporate our client’s brand into the signs we build for them. Result is an enhanced brand of our client and better visibility in all conditions – just check out the pictures!