Cineplex Entertainment

Complex projects in a dynamic environment!

Cineplex Entertainments has a total of 180 locations throughout Canada – all requiring custom signage and specialty fabrication. LED Solutions has enjoyed a long term relationship with this group and their designers Shikatani Lacroix.

Starting with signage, our scope of work has grown over the years to include specialist interior display lighting as well as custom feature fabrication. Our nationwide reach gives us the ability to work simultaneously on multiple projects.

The challenges involved for the client, their designers and ourselves in managing multiple complex projects together, at different stages and all with specific completion deadlines, can be considerable.

We worked with the client from the outset to develop systems that allow our managers to interact with Cineplex project managers to develop and facilitate optimum processes to deal with sometimes rapidly changing site conditions and an evolving scope of work as a project progresses.

Through close collaboration with the client and their teams, we were able to deliver high quality custom signage and specialty fabrication projects to meet their exact specifications and deadlines.

Cineplex custom signage

Specialty fabrication

Cineplex custom signage & specialty fabrication