Intelligent Sign is here!!!

In an Industry First – LED Solutions has signed an exclusive partnership agreement with leading proximity marketing technology provider iSIGN Media to offer the worlds first outdoor Intelligent Sign for your place of business

LED Solutions Intelligent Sign interacts with mobile devices within a 300 foot range, delivering media rich content such as ads, coupons and special offers and allows for the collection of consumer data and traffic analytics for analysis and measurement by retailers.

Research shows that consumers receiving an ad within proximity to a retailer are far more likely to enter the store and act on the ad. This is attributed to the fact that very little user work is required to act upon the impulse to purchase what the ad supports

How It Works

The customer enters the broadcasting range (30 to 300 feet or 10 to 100m) of the Proximity Marketing enabled Intelligent Sign equipped with iSigns proprietary Smart Antenna. The Smart Antenna in the sign pings any Bluetooth enabled mobile device asking if the customer wants to receive a message, coupon, special offer or information without the need to download an app first

  1. The customer must opt IN or OUT.
    • If the customer chooses to opt in they will receive a multi-lingual, media rich and secure message in the form of coupons, ads, video or music at no cost to the consumer
    • If the customer opts out they will not be pinged with a second attempt for the offer
  2. The Intelligent Sign transmits using Bluetooth and iSIGN’s proprietary Smart Antenna inside supports both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi connections are initiated by consumers. They connect to the Smart Antenna in the sign as an open Access Point (AP) and then launch their web browser and get redirected to a landing page. From this page, they can select an effectively unlimited amount of content.
  3. The customer is enticed by the call-to-action and carries out the desired action
  4. Behind the scenes Bluetooth discoveries and interaction data is logged along with Wi-Fi connection and interaction data. This data is then presented within reports or as raw data for gaining valuable marketing information and “Shopper Insight”

What It Does

LED Solutions Intelligent Sign interacts with mobile devices providing rich media content and allowing for the collection of consumer data for analysis and measurement. This solution:

  • Respects individual privacy through tracking via the the mobile phone’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi MAC addresses,
  • Is absolutely free and requires no cell carrier coverage (carrier agnostic)
  • Captures discovery, connection and interaction history for mobile devices
  • Content is relevant – proximity based push to all mobile devices
  • Complements Signage. IMS software utilizes the same hardware supporting the sign to transmit Bluetooth messages (in any language) to draw consumers into a store, or up to a sign. The Smart Antenna runs stand alone, and can communicate with Digital Signage, Kiosks and other systems in real-time
  • Cost effective advertising and metrics in real time
  • This data can be analyzed and or coupled with loyalty account information to create ongoing uncompromised targeted campaigns
  • Customized back-end analytics dashboard for clients

Other important benefits

Polling. Get consumer feedback on products in real-time.

Product details and Menu boards. Give users the ability to view detailed product info. Info can include menu boards that user’s can interact with to order product.

Wayfinding. Discover user location via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and provide real time directions from their location to a destination within a map.

Loyalty Programs. Track loyalty members using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to provide targeted advertising based on location history or member-selected categories.

Real Time Traffic Analytics. Retailers can measure the number of customers and potential customers within a 300 foot range of any location on a yearly, monthly, weekly or hourly basis.

Strong Return on Investment. Case studies have proven that the deployment of iSigns Smart Antennas in a retail environment increases revenue and delivers a strong return on investment.

New and Existing Signage. The Smart Antenna can be integrated into new and existing signage at time of fabrication or as a retro-fit.

Green Advertising. Higher consumer engagement by using less print materials means a lower environmental footprint for businesses.

The Bottom Line:

  • The cost of engaging a consumer at any time is significantly lower than print
  • Unlike a bill board the consumer is already in or around the store.
  • It is free to the consumer.
  • Allows advertising agencies to differentiate themselves since our experience has shown the better the content the greater the participation.
  • The system is easy to use and requires no capital to implement.
  • Can be a source of significant revenue for the retailer.
  • The back office analyzes data and results in real time and the output is customizable.

Fast – Flexible – Economic – Measurable – Accountable – Effective


“The creation of an Intelligent Sign is a natural progression for us. This partnership propels us to a new level in our industry. Our current customers with National retail space are very excited by the opportunities to communicate and interact with customers on mobile within proximity, and generate new sales and foot traffic – not to mention the incredible amount a data this technology provides. Furthermore, the capabilities to work with existing POS and Loyalty programs are staggering… Having IBM as our partner on the back end speaks volumes as well.” By William Large – Partner at LED Solutions and PUSH Digital Media 



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