Toronto Star

Rebuild of a downtown landmark’s iconic channel letter sign

The Toronto Star is a venerable city institution located in a downtown high rise and its channel letter sign has become a landmark over the years.

Their existing sign at an elevated and prominent position had degraded significantly over time, mostly due to its lakeshore position. As well as affecting brand perception, maintenance costs were rising year by year. The energy consumption of the outdated lighting technology was also excessive.

LED Solutions rebuilt the prominent sign using state of the art Samsung LED modules. We treated and painted the sign cans, gave the sign new Lexan plastic faces and trim, fresh 10-year blue vinyl and all new low voltage cabling and power with exceptional results.

One additional step we took was to install the power supplies inside the building for easy access and service. Traditional sign companies install these power components inside each letter which requires an expensive swing stage to service.

The advantages are now that zero or very little maintenance is required, energy consumption is more efficient and brand perception has been enhanced.

In addition, the iconic channel letter sign now shines bigger and brighter than ever.

Toronto Star's new channel letter sign

Toronto Star's old channel letter sign

Toronto Star's new channel letter sign rebuilt with LED modules