Check out another LED retrofit of a high rise sign at Delta Toronto East. High rise signs are among the most visible in any commercial setting, provided that they are big enough, bright enough and are working. Traditional fluorescent lit or neon signs can do the job but require frequent service and consume a lot of energy.

At LED Solutions we work hard to solve these problems for our clients like Delta Toronto East. This high rise sign is over 14 storeys high and required frequent maintenance while contributing handsomely to an increasing electricity bill. We retrofitted it with high quality, bright LED modules that come with a 5-year warranty. Our technicians used repelling ropes to reach the sign for the retrofit, and we placed the power supply for the modules inside the building instead of putting it within the sign as it is usually done. This means that if the power supply needs any service, it can be done easily from within the building while the ultra durable LED modules in the sign virtually last a lifetime – reducing maintenance cost to a fraction of the original. Also, since LEDs use a fraction of the energy than traditional lighting sources, a reduced electricity bill is an added bonus for our client.

This is a true win-win for us, our client and our shared environment!

If you happen to be in east Toronto area, check out our work at Delta Toronto East. Check out their website for more information, it is a very nice place for a stay! And feel free to reach out to us for consulting regarding retrofitting your existing sign to a more durable and energy efficient LED one!