This is specialty fabrication – 2 layers of acrylic with CNC routered out cores with embedded LED lighting fused together. Then we applied maroon vinyl to the sign face and put on a black aluminum backer box with 2” stainless steel standoffs and some Gold lettering below. This special sign illuminates 360 degrees and the […]

This iconic piece of Hamilton’s proud history is meticulously restored and once again lit up. A follow up to our previous BLOG: It all began in 1928 on Barton Street East, then a booming commercial strip in one of Canada’s leading economic centres: Hamilton, Ontario. Steeltown was churning out the steel and goods that built the […]

All we can say is WOW. At LED Solutions, this is one of our favourites. We were hired by Historia Building Restoration Inc ( to refurbish this 20 foot tall blade sign, originally built in the 60’s, to make a big statement for Capri Ristorante ( and John Street in the centre of Hamilton’s downtown […]