Our creativity enables us to create limitless possibilities when it comes to our signage solutions. All establishments need an opportunity to set their own identity apart from the competition and it can start with a unique LED signage. LED lights are versatile materials to create magnificent designs to set your brand apart in your community. Along with that, we also offer 6’ tall by 5’ wide custom made solid wooden sign, pieced together by tongue and grove wooden commercial signage designs that complements our LED lighting solutions. 

Whether engraved symbols and burned graphics are your envisioned advertising tools, we have the craftsmanship to deliver the quality signage you need. The video showcased only part of the many intricate processes a wood signage undergoes before it becomes product ready. You can expect any commercial signage made from us has your brand’s message from the wood work. The addition of LED lights for these wooden signs makes your establishment stand out no matter what time of the day. 

Wooden signage made by us are not only meant to create positive impressions about an establishment. Our wood works are built to last long. No client of ours needs to worry about premature replacements.

We also have real license plates, gathered from each province, custom cut into the shape of our country for promotional tools. We offer competitive rates when it comes to showcasing your personal style. Through our creative, well thought, and simple designs, you can set your establishment or business apart. 

We have been in business for years creating valuable signage for any client that needs more visibility in their community. Our solutions are always planned, customized, and quality driven. If you’re in the market for commercial wooden signage, we’re always ready to help your establishment catch more attention.