Forever 21 – one of the largest specialty retailer in North America – recently had their sign malfunction on them. Located at the forever busy Limeridge Mall where standing out of the crowd is crucial to success of any retailer. LED Solutions is proud to have serviced the sign within 24 hours of the first call. Our qualified service specialists pinpointed the problem to a faulty power supply, and had the sign fully functional. Check out the pictures!

It is hard to underestimate the glamour and sophistication of Forever 21 stores, just check out the pictures! Everything is always spot on. And it doesn’t end at the aesthetics, we learned some interesting stories about Forever 21 stores, check out this one:

A customer from Toronto named her daughter Tiev Forever Golding because she almost had her baby in a Forever 21 store. Once the child’s passport expires, they plan to legally change her first name to “FOREVER”.” (See more at:

Now that’s an amazing story!!

It is been an honor to have worked with Forever 21 via their service provider Rocket National Services and look forward to growing our business relationship in our future service prospects with them. We have made it our duty to fully assist our partners with each and every service call, and deliver on time, on budget- 100% of the time.