Are you a retailer?

Does the above image look familiar to you?

We think so!

We are all so consumed by technology these days and its hard to blame anyone. Mobile devices have changed our lives and we think it’s a good thing!

Except, a lot of the potential consumers, like you see above, no longer pay as much attention to beautiful signs that we build as they are busy with their phones. AND this is a major problem for our signage clients!


Not so fast! We at LED Solutions have found a solution around this problem, in fact we have made our signs even more visible with our newly developed INTELLIGENT SIGNS!

Now imagine if you could drop a line to these potential customers on their phones while they walk by your business. You could just say “hi” or promote a product or service or send a coupon for redemption. All this without the need of an app and without sacrificing anyone’s privacy!

Sounds good?

Want to learn more about our revolutionary intelligent sign technology? Give us a call and we can incorporate our intelligent sign technology to your existing signs. And that too FREE for 30 days!

Want more?

–          Big data

–          Consumer behavior reports, counts, analytics

–          Works with your POS and loyalty programs

Give us a call at 1-866-315-PUSH (7874) or email for more information on our 30 day free trail!