Higgins Event Rentals (www.higginseventrentals.com) – the best event rental company based in GTA, Ontario – recently had their warehouse lights retrofitted to energy efficient LED lights. LED Solutions’ is proud to have completed the retrofit project by replacing old metal halide fixtures with energy efficient LED high bays with motion sensors, and also retrofitted fluorescent tubes with energy efficient LED T8’s. Check out the pictures below.

The project is projected to save over $100,000 over the next 5 years, that is over 150,000 kWh in annual energy savings. Ontario rebates totaled over $19,000 and covered a chunk of the project cost. See more details in a Case Study for this project.

In the event rental business since 1982, Higgins Event Rentals stands out for their commitment to helping the environment by undertaking numerous efforts to meet environmental standards. Over the years they have abandoned plastic wraps for flatware by adapting reusable containers; replaced old laundry ironer with an efficient one savings over 450,000 BTU’s of natural gas per hour along with many other environment friendly measures. To learn more about green initiatives by Higgins Event Rentals click here.