Are you a commercial, retail or industrial business operating in Ontario? Did you know that electrical utility companies in Ontario are offering generous instant rebates when a business retrofits its lighting to high efficiency LED?

Outdated lighting technologies like fluorescent, neon, halogen and metal-halide use a massive amount of energy to produce light and are constantly burning out. This has traditionally meant only one thing: high electrical bills and high maintenance costs. With LED lighting the energy draw is typically 75-90% less than traditional lighting technologies and LED is rated to last many times longer than other lighting types so you do not need to keep paying to change bulbs and maintain your lighting. 

In a rare move the Government of Ontario, in conjunction with utility companies across the province, have set up a rebate incentive program called SaveOnEnergy. This program allows for commercial businesses to claim their LED Retro-fit projects overall cost and projects that meet the threshold required to qualify for the program will receive an instant rebate check once the project is completed.

 LED Solutions specializes in not only supplying LED lighting and completing the installation of your LED Retro-fit but we also manage the application process for you and will prepare and submit all necessary documents needed to secure your rebate. 

 We will even visit your business and conduct a FREE, no-obligation lighting audit to see if you qualify and we can even tell you how much you can expect with a rebate and we can show you how long the project will take to pay for itself. On average, the ROI time is approximately 1.5 years!

Here are the Steps to Energy Savings

  • On-site Lighting Audit 
  • Project Proposal and Pricing
  • SaveOnEnergy Pre-Approval
  • Professional Installation using Commercial Grade LED Lighting 
  • Recycling of Old Fixtures
  • Submitting of all Necessary Project Completion Documents
  • Your check is on its way and the Energy Savings begin

Benefits of an LED Retro-fit 

  • Increased energy efficiency, lower your carbon footprint
  • Decreased maintenance costs
  • Bright, stable light creates a safer, more comfortable work environment
  • Instant SaveOnEnergy rebates coupled with energy and maintenance saving means a    quick Return on Investment
  • All LED lighting guaranteed maintenance free for 5 years 
  • Financing is available for easy, monthly payments that are often covered by your saving and rebate. 

Rertro-fit projects that can qualify for SaveOnEnergy rebates

  • Interior and Exterior Illuminated Signage
  • Interior lighting such as tubes, pot lights and warehouse high bays
  • Exterior lighting such as flood lights, parking lot lights and wall-packs 

This incredible rebate program won’t last forever so contact LED Solutions today to find out how our 15 years of installing signs and lighting across Canada can you can save money and make your business look great at the same.