In the busy streets of Toronto, a 13-feet tall halo-lit channel letter-Large A with square border LED sign on The Anndore House’s top floor is visible to anyone who’s passing by, Illuminating to welcome guests to stay, dine in or visit the establishment.

Located smack-dab in Toronto’s downtown core, the cozy but stylish brick hotel is hard to miss. The sign is powder coated with a specific antique-gold custom color which complements the hotel’s modern meets classic theme.

LED Solutions worked closely with engineers and the city’s permitting department to ensure that the project is done excellently. To ensure safety, a bosun’s chair was used to secure this LED sign on the top floor of the building. Another great high rise project by LED Solutions. Design – Build – Install.

This is yet another successful project that LED solutions is proud of. Other notable projects LED Solutions has worked on include Pristine LED signs for The Rec Room Calgary, State of the Art LED Lights for Go Transit and HIGH RISE 10’ tall, bright red illuminated channel letters for DPAI Hamilton and so many more!

More than a building, The Anndore House is a whole new way to experience Toronto. It’s eating, sleeping, working and playing in a one of a kind destination with a distinctively creative soul.