Hamilton, Ontario – April 25, 2016 – LED Solutions is pleased to announce that LEARIE – An online incentive calculator and energy audit tool for your LED retrofits – is now live on their website.

Check it out: https://ledsolutions.ca/learie/

Businesses across Ontario are looking cut costs to become more competitive in their industry and improve their bottom line. Switching to LED lights is one easy way to achieve that goal. LED Solutions created this tool to help building managers, energy managers, electricians and contractors to quickly estimate their energy savings and rebate incentives, so they are aware of the financial benefits that LED lighting can bring and also the incentives government is providing to achieve those goals.

“We work with many nationally recognized real estate, property management, franchised and chained business among others. Most of our clients ask the same questions regarding LED Retrofits, that is, what are the energy savings and what incentives are available? So we have created a user friendly tool to answer their questions. Anyone with the basic knowledge of lighting systems can utilize this tool on the computer or their mobile phones,” said William Large, a partner and CEO of LED Solutions.

“LEARIE is not a substitute for a comprehensive energy audit, it is a good estimating tool that can help getting you started for budgeting and awareness purposes” said Onkar Gill, who lead the development of LEARIE. “We are currently developing LEARIE II, a more sophisticated version of the program that will include comprehensive energy audits and cost/benefit analysis. It will be shared with our partner electricians and contractors,” added Mr. Gill.

Development team at LED Solutions hopes that users find this tool helpful to discover energy efficiency opportunities in their businesses that help not only their bottom line but also the environment.

LED Solutions welcomes any comments and feedback relating to LEARIE.


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William Large