We recently retrofitted NEON signs to LED at MERRIAM School of Music – Toronto’s top music schools and piano stores. NEON signs, although bright and aesthetically pleasing have many maintenance problems. They require a lot of service due to burn outs and light output fades fairly quickly. They also consume a lot of energy.

We replaced the NEON signs with halo lit – light comes from the back – LED signs. This upgrade to LED has resulted in cutting the energy consumption to less than half and long life of LEDs means that signs will need little to no maintenance. Also, the signs are much brighter and will keep most of that brightness for many years.

Check out some of the before and after pictures of the retrofit. LED Solutions is a proud  signage partner of MERRIAM. To learn more about MERRIAM School of Music and their creative work, check out their website at www.merriammusic.com

If you have some troublesome NEON signs that you are considering retrofitting with LEDs, give us a call and we will be happy to propose a customized solution. You may also be eligible for government incentives due to energy savings.





IMG_6568 (1)

See the pictures below to get an idea how the signs looked like before the retrofit! What a dramatic improvement!