There has been a increase in economic activity between Canada and Republic of Korea since the signing of free trade agreement in 2014. Businesses in both countries are trying hard to capture a share of the pie on both sides. LED Solutions had the honor of being part of Canadian delegation to Korea, organized & sponsored by Korea Association for Photonics Industry Development ( for serious LED lighting solutions providers in Canada.

It was an eventful trip, with visits to many manufacturing facilities along with a convention in Gwangju. One has to admit that one of the most impressive characteristic of Korea is the work ethic of its people. Not only that 12-hour work days are the norm, their devotion to work is very unique. Koreans take pride in the quality of their products and competitiveness is engraved in their DNA. And to achieve those high standards of quality, workplace environment is kept as comfortable as possible and office employees are allowed or even encouraged to wear slippers at the office – a much desired luxury when you have to work long hours!

By the way – Computers,  phones and tablets are not the only cool product Samsung makes. They actually have Samsung cars – I got to ride in one, it’s a very spiffy ride that does justice to Samsung brand!

-Onkar Gill



Samsung Car.