When Investors Group needed to replace a large, aging neon sign on a high rise building in north Toronto (North York) they called LED Solutions, Canada’s high rise signage manufacturing, installation, repair and LED retro-fit specialists.

LED Solutions removed the existing neon sign originally installed in 1996 and replaced it with a brand new LED sign that was more than 60 feet long end to end. The new sign was outfitted with SAMSUNG LED modules to ensure that the brand name and logo would be highly visible and highly efficient all at the same time.

IGM Financial Inc. is a Canadian financial services company, with $133.6 billion in total assets under management as at December 31, 2015. It is a publicly traded subsidiary of Power Corporation of Canada. www.investorsgroup.com

The new sign was fabricated at LED Solutions modern manufacturing facility in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

LED Solutions has been manufacturing and installing illuminated signage across Canada for over 20 years on a variety of building types. One of the most challenging, yet most rewarding projects are the high profile ones like this that takes place on high rise buildings. There are several factors that make these projects both interesting and complex.

Design and Engineering for High Rise LED Signs  

Hanging hundreds of pounds worth of signage on the top of the building is not quite as easy as just heading to the roof and firing up the drill. There are numerous factors that need to be taken into careful consideration before anything gets installed that high up. The design, materials, weight and even the fasteners have to be specified and approved by an engineer. Then the engineered drawings need to be approved by the building owner, municipality and in some cases even the provincial transportation authority (Ministry of Transportation) if the sign is within a certain distance from a major highway. LED Solutions knows the complexities of the engineering aspect of large scale signage projects like these and our internal permit acquisition team.  

Weather & High-Rise Signs

Weather is not something that should be taken lightly when working a dozen or more stories above the ground. Wind that seems like a light breeze on the ground is amplified 10 fold when on a swing-stage trying to position 8’ foot channel letters into place. Weather can greatly impact the finish date of a project. During this project, we were fortunate enough to experience some un-seasonably mild weather and were able to complete the project within the estimated timeline. 


When working at heights the chances of an accident are amplified. Therefore LED Solutions ensures that all of our installation technicians are current with safety certifications and training. Each project adheres to a strict and carefully considered health and safety plan to ensure that workers and anyone in and around the job site are as safe as possible. For added peace of mind LED Solutions carries 10 million dollar liability insurance and we are proud to say that we have never had an incident!

Further more – LED Solutions is “Contractor Check” Accredited www.contractorcheck.ca This is the leading 3rd party Health and Safety pre-qualification for contractors in Canada.

Consider LED Solutions for your next high profile high-rise signage project. We will make your brand look good and save you money at the same time.


Other notable high-rise LED and Signage projects

high rise led channel letter signage

Investors Group – 21 King St – Hamilton 


Sheraton – Downtown Hamilton

(with the project LED Solutions did on the Hamilton Art Gallery in the same shot)


Hamilton Spectator LED Signage

Hamilton SpectatorHamilton 


Toronto Star Side by Side Results for LED Signage


Toronto Star signage before the retrofit



Toronto Star signage after the LED retrofit

All sign cans patched, repaired and painted – All sign faces have new LEXAN plastic, 2” trim cap and 10 year blue vinyl SAMSUNG LEDs and power supplies have a 5 year warranty, LED power supplies installed inside the building (not in the letter like before) Easy access and no expensive equipment is needed for repairs.


Toronto Star – 1 Yonge St  


Stay Bridge Suites – Hamilton