When Investors Group (www.investorsgroup.com) in Richmond, BC wanted to update their corporate logo and refresh their aging, power hungry signage they called LED Solutions, Canada’s national signage and lighting specialists. 
The long, steel faced signs contained fluorescent tube lighting and this inefficient form of lighting technology added considerably to the locations electricity bill. 
The challenge with metal faced signage is the inability for light to pass through and the new signage had to be metal as well in order to keep with the rest of the buildings look. 
LED Solutions design team worked with the client to come up with a solution that over came this challenge as well as one that satisfied the building owner and Investors Group’s  exacting brand and logo standards.
A specialized type of perforated acrylic was used on the lettering so that in the day the letters would appear black, as per their corporate logo standards, but at night the lettering would be illuminated creating a very unique and highly visible effect.
The result speaks for itself. Check out the pictures of the project including the before, during and after shots.
Another project completed on time and on budget by LED Solutions – your national sign and lighting partner. 
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