Virtual Galaxies: Free-roam virtual reality lets you and your friends explore virtual worlds like you do in real life. You’re taken inside a game, where your body is the controller and your mind believes it’s real.

It’s a unique combination of technology, software and pure imagination that transports you to the ultimate social entertainment experience. Our worlds are continually expanding, ensuring you and your friends are left with mind-altering experiences every single time.

We were contacted by our new client, Virtual Galaxies, out of Mississauga for interior and exterior signage. They are a great client to deal with. They had a vision and it was our teams job to turn it into reality with stunning results.

We built external halo-lit channel letters, spanning 7 feet in height and 19 feet in length, above the front entrance. This is a great example of a full-service project from design to fabrication, to installation and electrical, as well as acquiring a city permit. For the interior, we went all out creating polygon shapes on stainless steel standoffs with LEDs creating a halo-lit effect and a real futuristic look.

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