Another Awesome Pylon Refurbish Project By LED Solutions at Royal Windsor Drive Plaza in Mississauga

  • This 20-year-old pylon was badly damaged in a wind storm
  • It had smashed faces, twisted frames, snapped divider bars and electrical damage beyond the point of repair.
  • We came in and assessed the situation.
  • The overall structure was in excellent condition so we worked with the client to refurbish.
  • This multiple phased project included contacting each client and gathering the artwork or creating new designs for their new plastic faces.
  • We made a brand new frame system with H-bar dividers on both sides.
  • We retrofitted the lighting to LED, saving the client 70% in electricity along with a 5-year warranty, plus all new low-voltage electrical.
  • Then our team of installation technicians put it back together and the icing on the cake was a final freshening paint job.
  • Now it’s back to its original glory!

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