When a Hamilton, Ontario business was tired of rising energy costs and dealing with the constant, costly maintenance of their fluorescent and halogen lighting they called LED Solutions, Canada’s LED Retro-Fit specialists.

The Donut Stop, a local fixture in East Hamilton since 1983, is open 24 hours a day. That means most of the lighting is also on 24 hours a day and with over 100 fluorescent and incandescent light bulbs the electricity costs were really biting into the bottom line.

LED Solutions Lighting Division performed an on site audit of the businesses lighting fixtures and requirements. We analyzed their electricity consumption and then replaced every last power hungry fluorescent and halogen bulb with high efficiency, commercial grade LED lighting, including the bulbs inside the exterior sign boxes.

The effects of switching to LED were immediate and the ownership saw savings on their very next bill and they now enjoy peace of mind with LED Solutions 5 year maintenance free lighting guarantee.

As an added service for our clients LED Solutions secured The Donut Stop a substantial rebate through the Save ON Energy program and that coupled with the cost savings will see this entire project pay for itself in just 1.2 years.

5 Year Cost-Benefit Analysis

Energy & Maintenance Savings – $27,000+

Return on Investment (over 5 years) – 417%

Maintenance Free Guarantee – 5 Years

Government Rebates – Over 20% of project cost

Stop paying too much for lighting electricity and maintenance and contact LED Solutions today to find out how we can save you money, make your business look great, become more green and increase the bottom line.

“It was my pleasure to deal with LED solutions. My lighting at The Donut Stop is now 100% LED. We’re already noticing substantial drop in our KW consumption. For example, this summer of 2016 was record hot compared to the mild summer of 2015; yet our consumption was 16 % less than last year when it should have been more” – Jimmy D, Owner, The Donut Stop.

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